Delete Unwanted Orders in Magento with Delete Orders plugin


Magento usually does not allow to delete any order by default. Delete order plugin is one simple solution to short out this difficulty.

During the admin tests many unwanted orders were created, this plugin can easily delete these fake orders. With this plugin admin can allows only those orders which actually should be in the database. A few steps are needed to delete these unwanted orders. Any these kind of order can be removed by selecting the order and choosing delete action from the dropbox.

A bulk remove option is also available, you can delete multiple orders choosing delete action from dropbox.

This plugin also have the privilege to delete a particular order link.


  • .Easily delete order from Magento® shop.
  • .Fully Open source.
  • .Facilitates in removing unwanted orders.
  • .It eases deleting orders created while testing in development phase.
  • .Does not Override the default order grid, hence no confliction with other plugins
  • .Deletes Invoices and Credit Memos as well
  • .Deletes all information related with that order so that it vanishes completely from sales
  • .Helps in releasing unnecessarily occupied memory.
  • .Provides Option for deleting multiple orders in one go.
  • .Orders can also be deleted by selecting specific order link.

If want get this awesome plugin,You can get this plugin directly from our store here.


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