Create Product review with Customer Image Magento Extension by Singsys Store


If you going to purchase something, there is no physical person to tell you about the genuinity of that particular product. So here question arises that how will you make sure the popularity and genuinity? Obviously by reading the reviews of other buyers on that product. Reviews also work, if you have an online store to sell your product and create more selling trust.

Product review with Customer Image Magento extension will help you by managing customer reviews on all of your online shop products.

Some of the feature of this extension are as below –

  • It transforms new customer into potential buyers.
  • It enables easy image upload with adjustable image resolution.
  • It can be installed in short and easy steps.
  • It attract user with image hence increase engagement rate.
  • It ensure review readers get unbiased product overview by limiting voting counts.
  • Promotes healthy and complete review.
  • Enable user to decide early and easily.
  • Allows users to rate a product with interactive Star rating system.


Product review with customer image extension also addresses your concern of image upload field in product review by enabling users to upload their image on product review form.
Please visit Singsys Store to know more about the product.


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